Rest In Peace U.S. Men’s National Team After Getting Humiliated 4-0

Last night we witnessed a massacre, the worst since Boston in 1770, but this time it was from the Argentinians.

After watching an intense national anthem seeing our team fired up, you thought, hey maybe we might actually win this game.

Well that didn’t last long…

It was men versus boys for 90 minutes. After saying countless times that the U.S. needs to come out fast and play mistake-free football, they let up a goal in the 3rd minute.

When you don’t close down Messi, and don’t track/pick up a runner, bad things normally happen. Guzan unfortunately decided to take a deuce in his shorts when the ball was in the air, jumping back and forth like an idiot, and being caught so off-balanced he couldn’t even try to save Lavezzi’s header.

We got completely outplayed for the next thirty minutes, but didn’t manage to allow any goals… That was until a lousy foul by Chris Wondolowski set up Messi for a free kick, and well… You know the rest.

Top cheddar bardownski… We all thought he was gonna shoot it over the wall and under the bar, but Messi decided to just shove it right in Brad Guzan’s face. One of the best goals all tournament.

Going into halftime 2-0 wasn’t ideal, but better than previously thought.

An adjustment was desperately needed, and of course, just like Jurgen Klinsmann does best, he makes the boldest move of the century.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.37.39 PM.png

Christian Pulisic… A 17 year old, being subbed in on the same field as Lionel Messi… The kid went to his first high school Prom a few weeks ago. This decision, also didn’t end well.

Another bad turnover leading to unintelligent defending/tracking and now it’s 3-0, and any chance of a comeback is now ruined.

Then we decided to quit with 5 minutes left in the game.

I know we played one of the best teams in the world and got smoked 4-0, but we would’ve lost to anyone tonight. Ecuador would’ve mopped the floor with us and we would’ve been eliminated last week. The U.S. just needed to play a fundamentally sound game tonight and contain Messi, and we saw just the opposite, especially in this 4th goal. Who thinks to do a “dummy” in your own third with Messi lurking… Blasphemy.

Fortunately for us we might be able to see redemption on Saturday in the 3rd place game against the loser of Colombia/Chile. Only spin zone for getting knocked down to that game is that there’s no better feeling than going out with a victory. Second and fourth place suck.


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