Time to Feel (Somewhat) Bad for Ben Simmons

h/t Taffy Brodesser-Akner ESPN mag

Ben is at home in this circle. Around journalists, he’s more than a little reticent after constant attention (and scrutiny) during his short-lived career at LSU. “He was a media darling for the first six months,” Emily says, “and then some things were written about him that were horrible.” There were the stories wondering about his shooting ability, wondering if he’s overhyped, making fun of his academic record at LSU. Predictable stuff…

It’s not that he hates the media, Ben tells me later; he’s just careful: “I just try and say the right things. Well, I say how I feel but in the right way. I won’t say anything crazy just because — if I’m thinking something, I’ll say it, but I won’t say it to where it’s too out there.”

Listen, Benny, I’m here for you dude. I’m not the mass media slipping you a lump sum for a 30 second interview where you don’t feel like you get to be yourself. No recording device, no lights, no camera. Tell me how you really feel.

This is a joke right? No shit you have to be careful with what you say to the media, but criticism and the stress that the limelight brings isn’t why we should all feel bad for Ben Simmons. He’s about to have to play for the Philadelphia 76ers for an extended period of time.

With that being said, when Americans get arrested and detained in North Korea it really sucks to be them, but they played with fire; they got burned. Ben Simmons is really doing the same thing. If you’re going to play with fire (be the best player in your draft class) then you’re going to get burned (play for the Philadelphia 76ers). North Korean Government:76ers Front Office.

So Ben, eat philly cheesesteaks on Jimmy Fallon. Complain about having to deal with every major athletic brand making you sit in a chair while your lawyers read through your contract. But everyone sees through this woe is me, sob story facade. You’re with Philly now, and nobody can bail you out.

Image source: nbalead



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