2016 NHL Awards Recap

Last night was big for a couple deserving Blackhawks players. Winning 2 of the 3 trophies that actually matter. So no cup this year, but they still came up with some hardware for the trophy case. Let’s take a look at some of the important awards, not all of them because like over half of them are stupid and nobody cares about.

Calder Trophy – Artemi Panarin

panarin calder

So I totally called this one. Not very hard to do though as it was fairly obvious who would get it. He was definitely deserving of it. He led all rookies in points by a lot, like it wasn’t even close, and was also able to make it through the entire season unharmed (*cough*McDavid*cough*). This was the easy choice.

Hart Trophy and Ted Lindsay Award – Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane

And the first American winner of the Hart Trophy officially goes to the man, Patrick Kane. He put on one of the best seasons of his career this last year. While it didn’t end in a Stanley Cup run, you gotta think he’s pretty happy with these awards. To think that less than a year ago there was strong speculation of him being a rapist. Something that would have probably ended his career. To come back from that and have such an amazing year is just about the biggest U-turn that a professional sports player can make. Only thing better would have been a Conn Smythe and a Cup to headline the trophy case, but there’s always next year. Especialy with this Hawks team.

Norris Trophy – Drew Doughty

doughty norris.jpg

I hate the Kings and everything they stand for along with all of their players so anytime they get recognition for something it disgusts me. Is Doughty a good defenseman? Of course. Is he the best defenseman in the league? Absolutely not. There are plenty of other fish in the sea deserving of this one.

Vezina Trophy – Braden Holtby


Hands down the obvious choice for this one. Braden Holtby is a monster of a goalie. I remember watching him in the playoffs a couple years back and just thinking how good of a goalie he was going to become. 48 wins in 66 games started. A .922 save %. Just insane numbers from Holtbeast this season. He was a leading reason in their amazing President’s trophy run this season.

Yes this is against Buffalo, but impressive none the less:


Oh and also is nobody going to mention the fact that he is long lost brothers with Brandon Saad?

saad looks like holtbyholtby looks like saad

NHL 17 Cover Athlete – Vladimir Tarasenko

nhl 17 tarasenko.jpg

The St. Louis Blue’s version of Artemi Panarin. I’ve always wondered how players felt about making the cover of their EA sport’s game. I guess things are probably different when it comes to the Russians anyway. He can only be happy about this if Putin approves, which he probably will as he works his plan to slowly take over the NHL with his players. Guess what Putin?! Everybody knows that Russians can’t win the Cup and that’s a fact!

I’m also super happy that Brent Burns didn’t get this cause fuck the Sharks and everything that Aidan stands for.



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