Las Vegas is Getting an NHL Team and They’re Going to be Amazing

Yesterday we got some exciting news that everyone has known about for a few weeks now; Las Vegas will be getting it’s own NHL team. It was officially announced by league commissioner Gary Bettman during a press conference, following a board of governors meeting.

The team will get it’s roster when an expansion draft is held next year and will then join the Pacific division in the 2017-18 season.

Sadly, no team name was given and no jerseys were shown which kind of sucks because I watched the live stream for 30 minutes just to see those two things. It appears we won’t have to wait too long to find out what they’ll be though, as Craig Custance of ESPN reported,

Foley said he hasn’t decided on a nickname or logo for his team, but an announcement could be made in the next few weeks. He has strongly considered the Black Knights, a name that has special meaning to Foley, a West Point graduate.

“I love Black Knights,” Foley said. “I’m an Army guy, but maybe that’s not the right name for the team at this time. We’re going to work through the league.”

Ya so it’s been going around for a while now that the teams name s may be the ‘Black Knights’, due to owner Bill Foley graduating from West Point Military Academy. The schools teams are called the ‘Black Knights’ and Foley liked it so much he even named his company after it.

And why wouldn’t you? That name is awesome. Knights are badass and having a team based around that would be dope. I think that the jerseys would be primarily black, with red stripes and piping. Maybe some gray or gold thrown in for a third color. And if the logo looks like this…


(Courtesy of

…then I am 1000% in on this team. Every game I’ll be taking the Vegas odds on these guys to win. I don’t care if it’s their first year or not, have a logo like that and people know that you mean business. This isn’t a boring old logo. No, this knight is jousting with a hockey stick. He is fully ready to impale the opposition with it and has no remorse. That’s the kind of logo that get’s players excited to hop onto the ice. They want to win, just like the knight is going to win his duel.

Plus, the team doesn’t even need to be that good to make the playoffs. If your town is a place that’s known for gambling, drinking and sex then you are probably going to have the best home record in the league. As soon as the away team steps off that plane they’re going to the casinos until the crack of noon. Guys will show up to the arena still trashed, others hungover and some may not even show up. The ‘Knights’ will tear them apart. I’m with you Vegas, now let’s go get some dope battle armor.



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