Five of the Top Ten Teams in the Euro Got Screwed

This bracket is ridiculous this year. Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and England are all on the same side… Meanwhile Belgium is the only real powerhouse on the other side.

When you play out the scenarios, the Quarter Finals are going to (probably) consist of Germany v Spain, and France v England on one side, and Belgium v Wales, and Poland v Croatia(sorry Ronaldo). And then let’s say Germany v France and Belgium v Croatia in the semi-finals…

Basically, whoever comes out of the right side of the bracket should get the trophy before even playing in the final. If Spain were to make it in the final, their journey would probably consist of Italy, Germany, and France… That’s a death sentence. Meanwhile Belgium will probably have to deal with Hungary, Wales, and Croatia… Basically a cake walk compared to Spain.

Although it sucks the way it panned out, we’re set for entertaining games every single round… From the round of 16(Italy v Spain), to the Quarter Finals(England v France, Italy/Spain v Germany, etc.), and so on… It’s going to be fun.

Lots of this,


and this.

8am tomorrow. Switzerland v Poland. Let’s do this.


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