Fred Hoiberg Thinking Robin Lopez is Brook Lopez is a Great Move for Fred Hoiberg

Image source: h/t dailyknicks

This morning news broke that Fred Hoiberg, the head coach of the Chicago Bulls– it’s been an entire year but that still needs to be said, said something fairly thought-provoking that aired on CSN earlier today:

Chris Emma of 670 The Score got the word out. He’s a friend of the site, not sure if he has seen it yet, but nonetheless still a friend of Top Cheddar. That’s his twitter handle above.

Before I get into backing Fred for this move there are a few things that need to be said:

  1. The Bulls are a dumpster fire
  2. They didn’t make the playoffs for the first time in 8 years in Hoiberg’s first season as head coach
  3. See #1

If you’re Fred Hoiberg you look back at what you have been through with the organization and you see a failed season, and your front office making a decision to trade 2011 MVP/knee soup chef Derrick Rose. Not a good recipe for getting yourself to a good place in the hearts of Bulls fans. So what does Fred do? Well when the Bulls traded Derrick Rose HUGE Bulls fans came out of the woodwork, and said things like “If you aren’t mad about Rose leaving you’re not a real Bulls fan”, and “Robin Lopez? We could’ve at least tried to get at least a washing machine from NYK”

Fred could’ve been laying stale farts all over the fans, and tell them to “trust the plan” like every failing franchise does. Instead Fred agrees with the fans. “Robin Lopez who? I’m cool guy Fred I’m your friend and your team’s coach. Idgaf all I know is that Brook Lopez is a player in the NBA. You guys know that too right? Need me to buy you booze?”

Bulls are NBA champs in 2017 with fun step-dad Fred at the helm. You heard it here first.


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