Could Tim Tebow be the Modern Day Jesus Christ?

It was just your typical flight from Atlanta to Phoenix until a man in his 60’s was suffering a heart attack…

According to ABC, Tim Tebow was on the flight and pictures show him comforting the family, praying with them, and they reported that he even helped the family get their luggage off the plane and went to the hospital with them.

This story made me think… If Tim Tebow didn’t get an identity through football, do you think people would label him as the modern day Jesus Christ? Take away his Heisman, the fact he made it in the NFL, and all of his popularity. What if he made his name popular solely through these kinds of actions? Or would he just be “another person” doing a bunch of good deeds?

Regardless I think it’s crazy that I go to church and hear stories about how people have had to decode very complex messages and depict what could be signs from God about an action they should make, whether it be just talking to someone about faith or offering your Bible to them, and then here’s Tim Tebow with a wide open layup of a message/sign where a person has a heart attack on a plane, and he just needs to help out. Tim Tebow must be God’s teacher’s pet…

And finally, on the topic of spiritual signs, why hasn’t Tim Tebow reached out to Johnny Manziel? Johnny Football has been giving these type of signs left and right that he needs help, and Tim Tebow must be blind to it. Best way to revamp both of their careers is to have these guys team up. It’ll give Manziel another shot at the NFL, and if he does well and maybe goes to the playoffs, Tebow will have himself a documentary, and another link to being the modern day Jesus Christ.


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