The MLB Should Legalize PEDs

On one of of the coolest days of the summer down here in Columbia I figured I should bring the heat to Missouri with a hot take.

It’s the year 2016, a drug policy was put in place 12 years ago, the Mitchell Report was released over a decade ago, and STILL MLB players are getting suspended for failing drug tests. Nine players have been suspended this season already, one for life…

I think it’s time to even out the playing field, but this time by legalizing steroids.

Think about it… The highest level of play in baseball could go even higher. Pitchers constantly clocking pitches at 100+ mph, 500+ foot home runs, and a full field of meatheads to watch for 9 innings.

Like I said, people have still been getting caught, which means they are still doing it. These rules aren’t going to stop some guys, and I’m sure there are some players(David Ortiz) who are either getting away with it now or have gotten away with it in the past. So why not just let it happen?

Think back to the Sammy Sosa/Mark McGwire days… In 1998, Sosa and McGwire combined for 136 home runs, and they followed that year up with 128 dingers in 1999. Baseball was in its prime then. Nonstop entertainment, and arguably the greatest two seasons in MLB history. Bryce Harper is trying to make baseball fun again, and steroids is the best answer.

With every opinion comes a counter-argument, and like every great arguer, you have to debunk the opposition.

So the only issue that people will have with legalizing steroids is that it wouldn’t be fair to compare them to the “non-steroid” era.

If we’re still comparing today’s statistics to the Cy Young days, you bet we’re going to compare them to the steroid era. Cy Young leads the MLB in wins, a record that was set back in 1911 with 511. FIVE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN WINS. He pitched for 21 seasons and was 511-316. Bartolo Colon, current pitcher for the New York Mets, has played for 19 seasons and is only 224-158. Cy Young has 129 more wins than Bartolo Colon has results… If Big Sexy turned those 158 losses into wins he’d still only be at 382. If we’re going to count statistics from when players had multiple jobs, and pitched in over 800 games in 20 seasons, then you bet your ass we’re counting the steroid era too… That’s the only way those kinds of records are going to be broken.

Yes, I’m criticizing MLB legends like Babe Ruth, Cy Young, Honus Wagner, and Ty Cobb… I’m staying true to the temperature of this take. Their statistics don’t mean anything to me considering they played during war times when most young adults and talent were overseas, or when players had multiple jobs and couldn’t make it to every game.

If people are going to get that angry over statistics and how steroids are unfair, then make a new league. Once owners realize how much revenue they’re gaining from a much more entertaining game, they’ll switch over too. Start the revolution. Bryce Harper will be the face of it.



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