The NHL Lost Their Minds Today

What. The. Hell. What the hell just happened? I guess that in the span of about 30 minutes today most NHL GM’s decided to do a bunch of cocaine and just started said, “fuck it” and sent away key players.

First trade: The Edmonton Oilers and New Jersey Devils decided to make a fun trade to start off the day.

Out of nowhere, Edmonton realized their team may win more than 10 games next season because of some good players they have and knew they had to correct that problem so, in a genius move, they sent Taylor Hall to NJ for defenseman Adam Larsson.

Yes that’s right, the Oilers sent the number one overall pick of the 2010 draft to the Devils for a defenseman. Sure, he’s a good defenseman but Taylor Hall has 328 points in 381 NHL games. That’s pretty good. Actually, that’s fucking great. But, you know, Edmonton hates success and really wanted to crush their fans dreams of not finishing as one the bottom-six teams at the end of the year.

I’d try to argue that the Devils could have been holding the Oilers GM’s family hostage or something so this trade could happen, but this is such an Oilers thing to do that I can’t. New Jersey should be charged with trade rape.


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Second Trade: Now that there was blood in the trade water, other teams came to the table wanting a piece. Namely, the Montreal Canadiens and Nashville Predators.

Montreal had a really disappointing season last year because of injuries so they had to get their priorities straight and change things up a bit. And what’s the best way to change things up? Why, get rid of one of your best players of course! So, the Canadiens sent P.K. Subban to Nashville for Shea Weber.

Weber was the captain of the Preds and has the scariest slap-shot in the league, so I’m confused as to why they traded him too.

But, power move here by the Canadiens. Subban is a force to be reckoned with on the ice and they just couldn’t be having that type of player on the bench with their rebooted team. Like seriously, he’s a defenseman that had only 51 points in 68 games, I would trade him immediately too. Just tell him “You weren’t scoring a point per game on average. Get the fuck off my team”.

Next up for the Canadiens? Hopefully, getting rid of that awful goalie Carey Price. See, Montreal can’t go halfway through with this. If you’re going to trade a franchise player, either drop or buy-out the other franchise cornerstone too. Show everyone you mean business.

In all seriousness, I was in class when this trade dropped and I actually gasped out loud when I saw who was involved. Insanity.

Signing: Ok so those were the two trades of the day, now we get to the surprising signing of the day.

After months of speculation, Steven Stamkos decided to re-sign with the Tampa Bay Lightning, thus ending the Toronto Maple Leaf and Detroit Red Wings hopes of being good next year.

The deal is 8-years at $8.5 million AAV, which is actually a little low in my opinion, payment wise. There were reports recently that the Red Wings were offering him 7-years at around $10.5 million AAV and I’m sure the Leafs would have offered him a similar deal if he was to hit free agency. Hell, Detroit made a draft trade with the Arizona Coyotes where they sent the Yotes Pavel Datsyuks $7.5 million AAV in exchange to flip places in the first round with them. It was a move that everyone believed was meant to make space for signing Stamkos and I’m sure it was. But, Florida has no income tax and isn’t a crime-ridden city so it was probably a no-brainer for the Lightning captain.

This signing will put the Lightning in a tough spot though. Most of their core is going to be UFA or RFA’s in the next couple years and a lot are going to want a raise. With signing Stamkos, the Bolts will have considerably less cap space to work with, meaning the hockey world could see Ben Bishop, Alex Killorn, Nikita Kucherov and even Victor Hedman hit the market in the coming years. I’m not saying they’ll all leave, but the team sure as hell can’t have them all now. Tampa is going to try and want to win a Cup REALLY soon.


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Also worth noting

  • The Columbus Blue Jackets have re-signed Seth Jones to a 6-year deal worth $32.4 million in all.
  • The San Jose Sharks re-signed Tomas Hertl to a 2-year deal at $3 million AAV.

Well, that’s all the insanity that has really happened today. If anything else happens, I’ll be sure to update you so keep your eyes here at ‘Top Cheddar’.

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