Who’s Ready For Venezuela To Dominate The US Men’s Basketball Team?

So with all this talk of Zika virus and yadda yadda yadda, a lot of key players have dropped out of the Summer Olympics. This US men’s basketball team is more of a B squad than a Dream Team. Actually it is literally the B squad:

  • Klay Thompson instead of Steph Curry
  • Kyrie Irving instead of LeBron James
  • Draymond Green instead of Danny Green
  • Jimmy Butler instead of Kirk Heinrich
  • Harrison Barnes instead of Matt Barnes
  • DeAndre Jordan instead of his older brother Michael

The list goes on and on of 6th men taking the place of their shining counterparts. Then you take a look at the all star roster that Venezuela is packing:

  • David Cubillan
  • Windi Graterol
  • Cesar Garcia
  • Jose Vargas
  • Gregory Echenique

And that is just the starting 5! Talk about about complete and utter dominance. They’re going to have more control over this game than Hugo Chavez had over their country for so many years. Hugo is what we like to refer to as a “rebuilding dictator.” He whooped the people of this country into athletic shape with his harsh rules and regulations, and now the real coach steps up to the palace and wins some god damn Olympic basketball.

I mean do you really think that these guys

us team

can beat these guys?

venezuela hugging

I mean come on. The US team can’t even get a picture together, but here the Venezuelans are hugging and being a real team. Need I mention that this Venezuela team just won the South American Championship? Ya South America, literally the promised land of basketball. It’s more sought after than winning a Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania against the Undertaker.

So when you’re going to bet on the game this Friday, you know cause everybody bets on Olympic basketball showcases, be sure you pick the boys in blue, red, and yellow.

Predicted Score: 134-77 Venezuela



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