Let’s Close the Book on Johnny Manziel

How fitting is it that on June 30th, less than 24 hours before Manziel is going 100% sober(which is garbage), the NFL drops a hammer and suspends him for four games. So now not only does a team have to decide on signing this schmuck and hope he doesn’t do anything stupid… they have to eat a 4-game suspension too.

What’d he get suspended for..? You guessed it.

This suspension is probably going to get worse too, considering he’s being charged for assaulting his girlfriend, but that will only be half as long as this one… LOL

I want to feel bad for this guy, but I can’t. His dad basically wants him to go to prison, he thinks Johnny is going to die after all the stupid stuff he has gotten involved in. The NFL hates him, he beat his girlfriend, he’s going missing… all of the odds seem to be against him, so it seems like a perfect scenario for a major comeback…

Here’s why it’s not. He already had his chance. He sucked. He screwed up. He’s not built for the NFL. He’s only 6’0″ and just uses his speed as a weapon. It’s not hard to contain a QB that’s one dimensional and that one dimension is running…

Johnny Football is just about as dead as his career, and this substance abuse suspension is the first of many nails in the coffin.




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  1. great article but i fear we’ll be hearing alot of Manziel talk in the next couple weeks because the sports world is bored and needs stories, but we really shouldn’t be talking about him. hes not an NFL quarter back if it were anyone else we’d be over this story a long time ago.


    1. Ben Borst says:

      100%. If it weren’t mid summer and nothing besides the MLB was going on besides maybe the Euro, it wouldn’t matter. But that’s the only thing that’s really relevant right now, it sucks…

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      1. especially with Espn not owning the Olympics. Atleast there Wimbledon in the mornings, but until fall when real football players take the field we’ll be hearing about Manziel


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