Blackhawks Out Here Making MINOR Moves

The NHL free agency has officially begun and the Blackhawks have already made some mediocre moves! Well the mediocre moves actually weren’t free agency moves, but I dislike them still. Well actually its a half and half of good moves and bad moves.

Yesterday the Hawks re-signed Mashinter and, my personal favorite player, Rozsival. Mashinter is just the kind of guy you see your team signed and sigh to yourself, but know it needed to be done for an extra body in the bottom six. Last season he played 41 games, had 4 goals and 1 assist for a nice 5 points and a +/- of -7. So just, you know, just stay out of the way buddy.

But back to Rozy. Besides Kimmo Timonen, the 40 year old, big Rozy has been the slowest player on the Hawks roster for years.  He constantly makes mistakes, gives up the puck in their own zone, and never seems to fix or make up for his mistakes. He HAD to play with Keith for a while there because he was the only one who could make up for Rozsival’s mistakes.

rozy on ice

To put things in perspective, Duncan Keith had more points last season (43) than Rozsival has had in his last 3 seasons (34). Ok I know it’s not entirely fair to compare somebody to the machine that is Duncan Keith, but still come on man. You’re playing with the guy a good amount of the time and still can’t even come close to coming close. There’s an awesome gif of Rozy riding a scooter in the locker room with his cast and stuff, but I cant seem to find it. I’m sorry for failing you. But heres at least something:

Rozy falling

The Hawks have trouble in defenseman depth and Rozsival has been a proven wrong answer to that question. Get him off the roster. However, a right answer may have just been found. Brian Campbell. (This is the move that is actually really, really good.)

campbell cup win

He lives in Chicago during the off season and was there for the 2010 Stanley Cup victory. I saw some rumblings on Twitter over the past week or so about him and now its almost for sure that he’s going to be a Blackhawk, as in I would bet a lot of money on it. Barstool Chief, best friend of the site, has been tweeting about bringing Brian back and it’s gonna come true. The papers are all but signed.

I like this move a lot. He’s a reliable guy, which is exactly what the Blackhawks need. In his last 5 seasons he hasn’t missed a single game, scoring right around the 30-40 points each season, even in the shortened season he managed to keep consistent with 27 points in 48 games. There was one outlier and it was the 2011-12 season where he snagged himself a nice 53 points. Like I said, I think this is a really great move for both the Hawks and Campbell. He adds the stability that they need in the bottom lines of our D-men and he gets to live full time in Chicago instead of just the off season. Plus, I’d say the Hawks chances are just a little better than the Panthers to win a cup. So welcome home you ginger haired bastard. We’re happy to have ya.

In the time I wrote this Brian Campbell officially signed with the Blackhawks to a one year deal. He turned down $5 million with the Panthers for $2 million with the Hawks. Dynasty Reign.

campbell twitter


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