If Timofey Mozgov is Worth $64 Million, I’m Worth At Least $4 Million


So you’re telling me a 7’1″, 30-year old who’s a year off of unsuccessful knee surgery and poorly managed rehab, and coming off one of the worst seasons of his career is going to get paid $16 million a year for the next four seasons…

That’s why I’m here to say that I’m here to say if he’s worth that much, I’m worth damn near $4 million over 4 years.

I’m about 6’0″, 6’1″ on a good day. 160lbs which is definitely pretty small, but if you told me I’d be making a million dollars to work out I’d be in the gym 8 hours a day.

Now for my stats…


(I know it’s a FIFA card but it’s the only one that worked)

I’d say I’m pretty quick, 75 might be pretty modest. I can’t shoot very well… I’ve taken 100 uncontested 3-pointers time and time again and make about 40-45 of them. Add some pressure and I’m just chucking it, hence the 30. My 70 overall passing helps with that though. I’m not a shooter, just a team player dropping dimes like it’s nothing. I can dribble a ball through my legs and behind my back so that puts me at a 50 for dribbling, but I had to knock myself down 5 points because I can only do those two things well about 75% of the time. I put myself at 50 for defense because I’m quick. If I get beat, which will probably happen a lot, I should be able to recover. And lastly, my physical is a 40 because like I said, I’m 6’0″ 160… Once I sign that deal, I’ll get bigger and that physical number will continually increase.

52 OVR sounds about right. Halfway to being an NBA legend. Easily worth $1 million in my opinion. Honestly, I’m a steal.

So all 30 NBA teams… I just want to let you guys know that I am currently a free agent. I’m looking for four years and four million dollars, which is a great deal. Extremely low risk with a potentially extremely high reward.

I’m sorry I can’t get over the fact Timofey Mozgov just got paid $64 over 4 years… Steph Curry is on his last year of a 4 year contract worth $20 million less than Mozgov’s deal. The Lakers are drunk.

Go Robin/Brooke Lopez. Go Bulls.


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