Tread Lightly Goodell

Since the dawn of time, the working class has resented and hated the dominating class, the kings and queens, the boss. The NFL these days is no different. And in my opinion, fairly so. Like our country, the NFL is run by a small amount of people compared to the amount of players and fans across the country. Yet this small group of people gets to call the shots and make the decisions based on what they see fit, and what they believe needs to be done to preserve the integrity of the game of football. Now I don’t think this is the worst thing in the world. If every fan and player had to vote on every issue and every scandal in the league, nothing would get done. Because the amount of these issues and scandals seems to be skyrocketing. If every fan had to vote on how to handle the latest drug issue or domestic abuse case, businesses would close, farmers would stop producing food, we’d be on the brink of a complete collapse. But, as of late, I’d be perfectly fine with this collapse than Roger Goodell calling the shots.

Has anyone ever sat Roger down and asked him, “what do you do here?” What do you do hereI understand what he serves as socially, a figure, a face for the NFL. To make it seem that the league has a leader and some type of order. He serves almost as a speaker, a communicator, between teams and coaches so that the league can make decisions. Seems pretty replaceable if you’d ask me. And in the past years, with all his mishandled scandals and cases, why hasn’t he been replaced? This is the man who hasn’t been able to handle “deflategate,” it’s laughable that it’s moving  along to the supreme court. The man who lost tapes of Ray Rice’s elevator incident, which the geniuses over at TMZ were able to get their hands on in 10 seconds. The one at the head of the continuous Pro-Bowl disaster, the lack of discipline towards player targeting, and teams paying and making deals for their stadium to be the next Super Bowl location. And more recently has targeted James Harrison for drug use off of the words of the Al-Jazeera “report.”

I applaud the players standing up to Goodell and his continuous BS. Hats off for Tom Brady taking it to the supreme court and James Harrison for sticking up for himself on social media. Harrison said it best, Goodell at this point is a “bully.” controlling the league and controlling players because he simply has the power. He loves these ridiculous stories, he loves the media attention. Because when the spotlight is on him it’s on the NFL; which could bring him even more money than his $31 million from 2015. Goodell can’t wait for July 28th, the set date of the Harrison interview, so that the NFL can bask in the sports media limelight.

Roger, if you ever happen to stumble across this blog and take the time to read it, listen to these words, tread lightly. Just as the title states. Your time as commissioner is limited. After 2019, with your continuous mishandling of the league, you will not be the commissioner much longer . Piss off Brady again and he’ll sue, piss off Harrison again and, well, he’s not one much for lawyers, or bullies. And his career is almost over. Tread lightly. harrison


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