Cris Carter’s Son Ruins Any NFL Shot After Knocking Down Coach


Look I’m all for excessively celebrating and being mean on the field… I did it my entire senior year of high school soccer, but there are some rules, all of which Duron Carter broke in the span of a minute.

  • Never initiate the contact
    • Instigate as much as possible. Bumping them is fine, but make them make the first move. If they throw the first punch it makes them look weak. If they don’t retaliate at all you know you have real estate in that person’s brain, which is always a good thing.
  • Only go after your target
    • Target meaning the guy you decide to chirp. Don’t run wild and go after everyone because then you just look like an idiot and your own teammates will start yelling at you and tell you to shut up. Duron Carter should’ve gotten up and gone straight for the dude that came for his head, not the coach.
  • Don’t hurt your team in the process
    • Getting into it with any opponent is fair game, but if you’re drawing penalties/fouls/cards or worst of all getting ejected, you suck at what you do. Don’t take attention away from the game.
  • DO NOT chirp if you’re losing
    • This is day 1 stuff. If your team is losing the only comeback needed for is, “scoreboard.” and then you can’t say anything back…
  • Don’t mess with the coach
    • This shouldn’t even be on here because it is preposterous to even go after a coach… Only an idiot would do that.


Another thing he should realize… He’s in the CFL. No one cares about Canadian Football. I didn’t even know they play during the summer. Only thing I know about that league is their end zones are ginormous¬†and the field goal post is literally in the end zone… Canadians are stupid.


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