If You’re Not Rooting for Gareth Bale and Wales You have no Heart


I hate to say it but Euro 2016 is coming to a close… With just four teams left, it’s that time to pick a bandwagon to hop on(if you haven’t already)…

On the “side of death” we’ve got France and Germany, and on the weaker side we’ve got the underdog Wales facing off against Ronaldo and Portugal.

Germany is the favorite after defeating Italy 1-1 (6-5 PKs) in the quarter-finals. France is coming off a big victory against another major underdog in Iceland, but a team like France should be beating teams like them 5-2.

Wales has been somewhat of a surprise this tournament. They won their group with a 2-1 record, taking the top spot that was thought to be England’s. An own goal was the difference between them and Northern Ireland in the Round of 16, and they upset a powerhouse in Belgium 3-1 to get to the semis. Portugal didn’t win a game until the elimination round. It took them 117 minutes to eliminate Croatia 1-0, and they edged out Poland in penalties 1-1 (5-3 PKs).

After reading through the stories of all these teams, you’ve gotta root for Wales. This is their first international tournament appearance since 1958. They’re led by Forward Gareth Bale, you may recognize him from a “kind of” popular team called Real Madrid. In the midfield they’ve got Aaron Ramsey* who plays for Arsenal, and Joe Allen coming from Liverpool. Then in the back they’ve got Tottenham defender Ben Davies* alongside West Brom’s James Chester, and Swansea teammates Neil Taylor and their captain Ashley Williams. And finally, in net stands Wayne Hennessey from Crystal Palace.

*Aaron Ramsey and Ben Davies will not be playing in the semis due to yellow cards

As you can see, based on the teams these guys play for(all EPL really), they’ve got a lot of potential, and they’re showing it this tournament. They’ve been doubted in the past because no one really knows who they are(or what a “Wales” even is for that matter), and this is their time to make a name for themselves.

Don’t root for Germany. They win way too much. France I’ll accept, but only if you root for Wales too. And then if you root for Portugal you’re scum. They don’t deserve to be in the semis. 3 draws and they advance out of their group? Give me a break.

And one last reason to root for Wales, look at all they’ve done…

Both of Bale’s free kicks…

The Ramsey chip…

Look at the emotion from Ashley Williams… Brings back memories.

An unreal Cruyff to leave the Belgian defenders in the dust…

And finally, a perfect flick to finish it off…

The game is at 2pm on ESPN tomorrow. Don’t miss it.

Wales 2. Portugal 1. Book it.



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