Johnny Manziel Could be Playing Arena Football Next Season

When one door closes, another opens. After getting a four-week suspension by the NFL, losing his agent and having pretty much every team in the league forget about him, Johnny Manziel may have found  a new home. TMZ got the scoop on the story:

Johnny Manziel might be playing pro football in 2016 after all — because the Arena Football League wants him … and believes they can truly help him get back to the NFL.

We spoke to AFL commish Scott Butera who says the league is ready and willing provide Manziel with whatever support he needs to aid in his football comeback.

Plus, Butera says … if Johnny’s serious about recommitting to football, the AFL would be the perfect place to rehone his skills and prove to NFL teams he can still play at a high level.

Will the Manziel saga ever end? For years now people have been debating whether or not he can be an NFL quarterback and the simple answer is ‘no, he will not’. Going to the AFL will not make him a better person or get him sober. If anything, he will get even more rowdy there since it’s not as high profile as the NFL. I’m sorry but the guy has had chance after chance to clean up his act and try to improve his game, but he’s blown it.

First he say’s that he’s going to rehab, then the next thing you know see on ESPN is a story about him at a club or something. He never follows through with that shit. It’s like me and dieting. I say I’m going to get in shape, eat right and hit the gym more, but after about a week or so that plan falls apart and next thing I know I’m munching on some delicious Tostitos and sitting around all day. We can’t really do it unless we get some serious help. He’s going to need to go to a good rehab site that’ll actually help him and I need to find an ounce of will power in my body that will say ‘no’ to those authentic, crisp and perfectly salted chips*.

I hope Manziel actually finds help and can improve himself, but football-wise I think it’s time we stopped all this talk. The guy isn’t going to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. It’s time to let him go, just like Rose let Jack go.

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