Protesters Attacked Hot Dog Eating Contestants With Fake Blood. Can We Attack Them With Fake Wieners?

Article source: h/t Sports Illustrated

During Monday’s hot dog eating contest in Brooklyn, animal rights protesters ran on stage and threw fake blood at some of the eaters.

Two minutes into the event, Crazy Legs Conti and Dan Katz, a blogger from Barstool Sports, were both eating at east end of the table when protesters ran at them, spraying fake blood at them.

Police quickly rushed on stage to grab the protesters, and through it all, the contest continued.

Joey Chestnut came out on top at Nathan’s 100th Hot Dog Eating Contest (Jury isn’t out on Joey yet though). But, as you read above, some of the well conditioned athletes get to put an asterisk next to Chestnut’t name on the trophy this year.

The protesters were from the Direct Action Everywhere activist group.

I am cordially inviting all of you to the Direct Fake Wiener to the Face activist group. I’ll keep the exact definition of “Fake Wiener” ambiguous. Since they didn’t use real blood, and I’m a morally sound individual that believes in fair vengeance, then we won’t use real hot dogs.

The DAE attacked Crazy Legs and Big Cat with fake blood: the DFWF will attack them with fake wieners.

I understand that to be an activist group you have to be fighting for something. Those protesters are really annoying. Slapping them in the face with a wiener is a good way of non-verbally saying “Hey stop what you’re doing it’s annoying me.”

Spray us with fake blood. We slap you with wieners. Stop the annoyance. Let the people eat.




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