Bradley Cooper is a Federer fan so I guess I am too

(Sorry that you have to click on the link, ESPN is dumb like that)

Listen, I didn’t really care about tennis all that much before today. Do I enjoy playing it? Sure, but I wasn’t a big viewer or anything like that. That all changed for me though as I watched that video and found out that Bradley Cooper is a huge Roger Federer fan. Not only do I love tennis from this point on, but I’m pretty sure that the Fed is my favorite athlete on Earth. I mean, if Bradley is getting dressed up in the heat to go watch him play, he’s got to be pretty special. And I bet he doesn’t do that for anyone. Awesome actors only like awesome athletes, it’s a well-known fact. Especially with the guy who voiced Rocket Raccoon, I’m guessing that he doesn’t mess around with sports at all. Brad would have probably started a riot if Fed-ex (my new nickame for Federer) lost. Lit a couple chairs on fire in the street, and just start looting. I wouldn’t put that past him. Seriously, did you not see him play football in ‘Wedding Crashers’? Guy was a force on that lawn. Wanted that ‘W’ more than me in the pickup game of football I played last night. I have utter trust in his picks, as should everyone. So, it’s now or never, get aboard the Federer  train because it’s leaving the station! Next stop? The Wimbledon Semis! Take us there conductor!


(From ESPN)

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