Bulls Cancel Their Meeting With Dwyane Wade- Dumpster Fire Rages On

Hmmm why would the Bulls do that? The reason must’ve been really good to stop us from pursuing Dwyane Wade, 3-time NBA Champion and 12-time NBA All Star. (Who also grew up in Chicago)

Source: CBS– The Bulls were ready to meet with Dwayne Wade, but their airline couldn’t make it happen.

Wednesday’s meeting in New York between the Bulls and Wade was cancelled because the team’s flight kept getting pushed back, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

This is not the year 1800. The bolts for the chuck wagon aren’t rusted to the point that we have to call the blacksmith down in the town square and wait another week because he’s backed up with the constant demand for horseshoes.

The Bulls front office feels like a bad episode of Breaking Amish. It’s 2016. We can grow meat in a lab. Do I have to say more than that for a sensible person to infer that you can make it pretty much anywhere you need to go in the US at the drop of a hat. At the drop of a potential Dwyane Wade landing. At the drop of a potential Rondo-Wade-Butler 3-headed monster.

The flight kept being “pushed back”. You’re a god damn sports franchise not somebody trying to call off their Monday shift after they spend a week in Cabo.

The Bulls dumpster fire received more fuel today, and because of it I’m officially #MadOnline.




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  1. Dwyane says:


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    1. Cam Parker says:

      That’s how he spells it. Wasn’t my call.


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