Don’t care About Australian Slang? You do now, Margot Robbie is in a Video About it

There are businesses that are smart, then there are businesses that are ‘put Margot Robbie in a normally average video’ smart. I doubt most people have been meaning to catch up on Australian slang, but you can bet that it’s on everyone’s agenda when you have Harley Quinn going over it.


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And that’s the genius in Vanity Fair’s move here. See, I don’t read VF or watch their videos or anything, but the world is in love with Margot. Literally in love with her (including me). So, you put her in or on anything and that video or magazine or whatever will get quite a bit of views. Hell, I found this video on ‘College Humors’ page, who tweeted about this for some reason. And why did they probably tweet it? Because people love her. Ms. Robbie if you’re reading this and ever want to blog for fun, tweet me and we’ll get you set up here at ‘Top Cheddar’.

Cards on the table, this video was pretty interesting. It’s like Australians have a totally different language than Americans and Brits. There were terms I thought I knew and it ended up being completely different. I wonder how much they actually use these in real life.

PS: Deadpool is also a fan of Australia. I’m starting to think this place may be worth checking out.

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