More Fuel Added to the Fire, Dwyane Wade Set to Sign with the Bulls


If you’re a real Bulls fan, your brains a pretzel right now.

On June 22nd, Gar Forman was quoted saying, “We need to get younger. We need to get more athletic. We need to find players that will fit the style of play that Fred wants.”

Kind of hard to get younger and more athletic when you sign a 30 and 34-year old…

If you are starting to think there is a plan after this move, there isn’t. Hoiberg’s offense is fast-paced and utilizes the 3… Jimmy Butler, Rajon Rondo, and Dwyane Wade are three guys you DO NOT want taking all of your 3’s… That limits your 3 point shots to your Power Forward and Center… Two guys you’d rather not have sitting around the perimeter.

Speaking of 3 point shooters, Mike Dunleavy is now on the Cavaliers, and Jose Calderon, who shot about 41% from behind the arc, is now on the Lakers(probably a blessing in disguise).

The Bulls last year were so hit or miss and I’m expecting the exact same this year. The one positive from this move is that Rondo, Wade, and Butler have enough talent to where they could string a good chunk of wins together. They’ll get everyone on the bandwagon, then one of them gets hurt, and the wheels fall off the bus and it’s game over.

After this absurd sign we still need to see one or two more moves before we can decide whether or not we’re heading in the right direction because right now it seems like we’re just spending money because we have it…

Oh yeah, and in case you forgot.

Let’s just cancel the season.


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