Russell Wilson and Ciara are Getting Married [Not Safe For Work]

Source: People

Ciara and Russell Wilson will be making it official today!

The duo will exchange vows in a beautiful ceremony in front of family and friends – including Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson and La La Anthony – at Peckforton Castle in Liverpool, England, PEOPLE confirms.

Russ Explosion

For the sake of our nation’s well-being it’s a good thing Russ and Ciara decided to do this in England. With all of the Brexit stuff that’s going on over there a nuclear bomb might not be the worst idea. The Seattle Seahawks QB and the R&B singer and actress (also a certified SMOKE) have reportedly saved themselves from the horizontal tango until marriage.

If you’re not picking up what I’m putting down:

doesnt matter had sex

The infamous bible thumping Wilson will finally get to know Ciara in the biblical sense for real tonight.

Russ was married from 2012-2014 so this makes tonight ten times more important for him. The last time Russ got to cash in his ticket on the F-train Harambe the gorilla was being transferred to the Cincinnati Zoo where he would eventually be shot and killed (RIP).

Did Russ Wilson’s divorce lead to Harambe’s death? Will Russ and Ciara conceive a Prince-looking, Dan-Marino-throwing accurate, Prince-singing quarterback tonight? At least one of the answers to those questions is yes.

Title image/gif sources: USMag giphy


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