NHL Legend Rear Ends Minivan, Then Proceeds to Blow a .249% BAC

NHL Hall of Famer Ray Bourque pleaded guilty (actually not really, just admitted that the prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him if charged) yesterday to an OUI (operating under the influence). Basically the same thing as a DUI or a DWI. I honestly don’t know the difference between any of these because they all literally mean the same thing. But whatever, what is important is that Ray Bourque got one. He originally pleaded not guilty, but that soon changed.

Bourque was the face of the Boston Bruins franchise for 21 years. While only winning one Stanley Cup in his career with the Colorado Avalanche, he racked up plenty of his own accolades while in Boston. 5 time Norris Trophy winner and an All-Star for 19 consecutive seasons. He also leads the the career shots on goal total by over 1,000 with 6,206, and carries the record for most shots in a single game with 19. So ya its safe to say he likes big numbers. That’s why old Ray decided if he was gonna get a DUI it was gonna have to be a big number. Blowing an astonishing .249% BAC. Here is a chart to help you figure out where that puts you:


“I had a few drinks at the Andover Country Club” – Ray Bourque immediately before blowing his .249%

Just a few drinks huh Ray? After all of this time still so humble about his record numbers. So I’m like 165 lbs. That would be the equivalent of me crushing 9 beers (or Stone Colding 4.5 times) in an hour and then getting behind the wheel of my car. But Ray is much bigger than I am. He is listed at 219 lbs. This chart goes up to 10 drinks and it still isn’t enough to reach .249 for his weight class. Like not even close. That means he was probably like 12-13 deep. So keeping in check with his record numbers there.

I am kind of disappointed by the outcome though. I mean you’re gonna drink all of those beers and get a DUI just to hit one car? Come on Ray, you’re better than that. I thought he was going to set the record for most cars hit by a single drunk driver or the longest police chase by somebody blowing over a .24. You know? Something cool to show us that he hasn’t lost that edge. That no matter what he’ll still be putting up insane numbers. He only did half the job with his BAC, he just couldn’t finish it off. That’s probably why he only won 1 Stanley Cup and he had to move teams to get it. Be better Ray, be better.

Ok, but on a more serious note, obviously its great that nobody got hurt and it really was a dangerous situation. He has had his license suspended for 225 days and as long as he adheres to his probation rules, he will not be convicted of anything. He has apologized and said that he will be held accountable for his actions. He’s taking it like a man, because he knows what he did was wrong and damn do I respect that.



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