Ten Officers Shot, Three Killed in Dallas Protest

We may be a sports-based website, but this needs to be addressed.

The sad part about this is that this is becoming more and more common.

At this point, it goes beyond the war on guns, BLM or the police. Three police officers died tonight, two are in surgery, and three are in critical condition. This is about humanity. We need to be better as society. What makes people think it’s okay to prop up snipers and shoot a ton of innocent police officers? They were protecting protesters who were protesting them! Are you kidding me?

I’ve seen the videos of the innocent shootings, and I get it, it’s not okay, but fighting violence with more violence doesn’t work, just look at the Middle East.

The bastards haven’t been caught, but one is reported to be cornered.

One that they’re looking for…

Keep Dallas in your thoughts… America in 2016 is a sick place. Hopefully something is done about this.



Looks like the guy pictured above was actually innocent, marching in the protest based on multiple videos. If that “suspicious package” is actually a bomb…


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