12 Hours After Officers are Gunned Down in Dallas an Officer is in Critical Condition in STL

Source: STLtoday

Sources say without further explanation that the officer was shot at least once from behind and there were at least three shots fired at him. A suspect was captured shortly later during a foot chase, the sources say.

The male officer was taken to Mercy Hospital St. Louis, in Creve Coeur, the sources said…

(cont.) A woman living in the 300 block of New Ballwin Road near the scene of the shooting Friday morning said she heard two gun shots and ran out her front door to see what happened. She saw the wounded officer and ran out with a towel to put on his neck to try to stop the bleeding.

Here on Top Cheddar it’s fun to use satire, take a ludicrous approach to analyzing current events, and to engage in the camaraderie of irresponsibility, but this isn’t the time for that.

The events of this sort (above) that have occurred, not only in the last few days but through all of recorded history and long before that, are fueled by hatred, division, and a constant craving to place the blame onto something or someone else.

Living under a veil of blissful ignorance, or willingly bringing death upon yourself is easy. Responsibility, accountability, and surviving are hard.

It’s easy to blame someone else. When you were six years old and you broke something in your kitchen it was much easier to blame your little brother. But in reality placing the blame somewhere else, or on someone else only starts a new vicious cycle of brutality in motion.

That is the world we live in. Blame. Blame. Blame. “It’s not me, it’s them. It’s not us, it’s them.” Those words are spewed from the mouths of millions of people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or social class.

That just doesn’t make any sense. It is us. We are all accountable for ourselves and the person you walk by in a crowded street, an empty hallway, or an airplane cabin. Humanity has a responsibility, and right now we’re procrastinating.

We are a sports blog, but fittingly, an MLB pitcher once uttered something that directly applies to the current state of humanity,

“Hey, why not us?”

-Curt Schilling, Pitcher, Boston Red Sox, 2004 World Series Champion

We dictate our future. No hate, blame, and anger. Just accountability, and mutual survival.




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