Apparently There is a National Women’s Soccer League, and They Played on a Tiny Field Last Night

The Western New York Flash and Seattle Reign had a game last night and Western New York’s field was not ready. So, like any team, they found an alternate field…


I remember when I played on this sized field my freshman year of high school soccer. The glory days. The softball field engulfed the corners and the field was so skinny it was literally just a mob of people hovering around the soccer ball.

Anyways, this is a bad bad look on equal rights between men and women’s soccer at a very bad time considering the ongoing fight for equal pay this past year. Picture an MLS game in the same situation, there’s no way they’d let something like this fly. If their stadium wasn’t ready, they could easily move to a college stadium or even find a high school with an actual soccer field, not one in a baseball outfield…

This is on the same scale as the MLB moving back to Pony Baseball dimensions with 80 foot bases, 54 foot mounds, and a 250-300 foot fence, as opposed to their usual 90 foot bases, 60’6″ mound, and 350-400 foot fences… It’s ridiculous.

I don’t know how much the commissioner of this league gets paid but it’s clearly not enough based on how this whole situation panned out. This guy could not care less.

If you want to see some footage of just how small the field actually is here’s the game film.

Lastly, what’s with the “Western” in Western New York Flash? Why not just New York Flash? Let’s change the Chicago Red Stars to the “Southern Chicago Red Stars” and see where things go. This league is a joke on all scales.









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