The New York Giants are Already out of the Playoffs

The New York Giants haven’t had a great past couple of seasons and it looks like they just doomed themselves to watch the post-season from their couches again. CBS sports reported on a new change the team is making:

After 16 years, the New York Giants have decided that they don’t want to wear gray pants at home anymore. The team announced Monday that they’ll be dumping their gray bottoms for the upcoming season and replacing them with white pants.

The Giants didn’t give a reason for why they’re making the switch, but it’s definitely happening. For each of the team’s home games in 2016, they’ll be wearing their blue jerseys with white pants.

Now you may be asking me, “Aidan, why this is going to doom them? It’s just a change of pants colors.” and to the uneducated, you’re right, it shouldn’t be a big deal, but the devil is in the details. Later on in the article, we get this fact:

The Giants first brought back the white pants in 2013, when they wore them for two homes games. The Giants also wore them for two home games in both 2014 and 2015, with the team going 2-4 over the past three years in white pants.

The Giants are going to be switching to a color scheme that they have a losing record in. That’s not good and this is where superstitions come in. See, most (if not all) athletes are superstitious about many aspect of their game. Players will do certain pre-game rituals every game-day or stretch in a strange way, because they think it will help their game. And jerseys are a big superstition. They can make or break a team, depending on if it fits them or not.

Last year, the San Jose Sharks wore their Stadium Series sweaters for a few games. There was even talk that they could replace the current third black jerseys. Well, they lost every game in those threads and never wore them again. This is an example of a jersey hurting a team. It’s the jerseys fault, not the teams.


The Sharks stadium series jersey (Courtesy of

The Colorado Avalanche unveiled a new alternate sweater this season (one of the best jerseys around right now) and lost quite a few games in them. I believe that they’re keeping them around, but it probabaly doesn’t inspire much hope.


The Avs gorgeous new alternates (Courtesy of their website)

Now obviously the Giants aren’t getting new jerseys, but the fact that they’re 2-4 in this new color palette shows everyone that they’re going to be awful this year. Probably end up going 2-14 this season and then the team implodes. The Giants will be disbanded and all the players are going to become kiosk vendors trying to sell me phone cases and drones. So enjoy your last season as a team New York (Giants), because you just doomed yourselves.

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