You Need to See this Video of Rare Pokemon (Mewtwo) Showing up on I-880

Those who were born at the wrong time, or those who grew up without a Gameboy attached to their hands at all times, may see this video and say things like: “Wow this game is dangerous.” or “Haven’t seen that many virgins stuck in traffic since the off-ramp at Comic Con.” But they simply can’t connect with the nostalgia.

If somebody told eight-year-old me that I would have to brave semi-trucks barreling down the interstate at 70 MPH to catch a Mewtwo then I would have been out there dodging JB Hunt drivers with a toothless grin on my face and my first boner.

Now 20-year-old me gets to actually do that. Reward outweighs the risk.

Not all of us can be professional athletes, or have a job that provides one with a thrill-seeking kind of rush like a homicide detective or a Coolmore Stud.

Pokemon Go provides us with a medium to fill the void. Also, I no longer have to sit in the backseat of my parents car waiting to pass streetlights so I can see my Gameboy screen. I can turn the brightness up on my own phone while driving my own car down the interstate.

^Sarcasm. For your Pokemon eggs to hatch you need to maintain a modest speed of less than 12 mph.


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