The Pitcher with the Best AL ERA Didn’t See the Field Last Night

Yes… It’s true. Steven Wright from the Boston Red Sox, who ranks #5 among AL pitchers in Wins with 10, and the best ERA in the AL with 2.68, did NOT see the field last night. Why?

Well here’s the explanation:

“Because this game means so much, they wanted to make sure that if we went extra innings, we didn’t run out of pitching,” Wright said, via Sporting News. “So, instead of having me go early, they wanted me to hold off and kind of be the insurance guy.

Here’s actually why… Ned Yost sucks. Steven Wright is 31 years old, he has only been in the league for three years, and not many people know about him. For those that don’t know who he is, here’s what we missed out on:

And one of the filthiest…


Sorry America… You’ll just have to watch the Red Sox the next time Wright pitches.

I don’t think Wright pitched because he would not only humiliate the National League’s best hitters, but he would humiliate the catcher as well. No one can catch a knuckleball. It’s a straight up guessing game, and Ned Yost is too soft to even give him a chance. Say what you want. Say that he was there for insurance in case the lead was threatened, but if he started this game I bet Kris Bryant gets rung up instead of going yard… Now we’re going into the the 9th up 4-1 and the AL is in great shape, and maybe we have Chris Sale warming up in the pen to close out the victory.

I love Steven Wright, but I think I hate Yost more…



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