FOX is Making a Show With a Girl Pitching in the MLB

A couple days ago, I was scrolling through Twitter and a promoted video for a new TV show came up called ‘Pitch’. I watched the 30-second ad because I was curious and realized it was about a girl becoming a starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres. Here’s the trailer, because you probably haven’t watched it:

We’re looking at somewhat of a womens revolution in television and media right now. Females are finally starting to break through in the media and are getting bigger roles. There’s that new Ghostbusters movie that is coming out, featuring all female leads and now we have this. Now before I get into the thick of things let me just say one thing; I’m not one of those guys that hates a woman getting a leading role in a TV show or starring in a movie. I’m completely indifferent. Women can be just as good, if not better then men in roles. I mean, look at Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. ‘Suicide Squad’ is pretty much her movie and I can’t wait to see it, but this shows concept is dumb.Why? Because it would never happen. By biological design, men tend to be bigger and stronger than women. That has an effect on sports, hence why there are male and female leagues. A woman will never be able to join a men’s league, no matter how much some people want it to happen. Guys are just bigger than most girls. I’m sorry if you had to hear it from me.

And for all you PC people that are gonna have a hissy fit about what I’m saying just imagine a girl playing in the NFL and being tasked with covering Gronk. She would get run over. Or the NHL. You play one game against the dirty LA Kings and you’re rethinking some career moves. Those are gritty, hard fighting leagues that strain even the toughest of guys.

Even in the MLB where it’s a non-contact sport, a woman wouldn’t be allowed in. She would never have the arm strength as the top starting pitchers. I mean have you seen their arms? They make mine look like twigs. Even say in the trailer that lady’s dad says that the only way she can make it is with the screwball, which teams are going to eventually figure out. She may be good, but there’s no way she’d be ‘Jake Arrieta-good’.

Now obviously I’m not rooting for the show to fail, there are a ton of people who have jobs because of this, but I’m just saying that they’re trying to act like this is actually going to happen in the real world and honestly, it’s not. Enjoy the show and everything but don’t start acting like leagues are discussing this.

P.S. Can we please get this show made? Gender equality in shows.



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