Nick Saban Defends His Players, Cam Robinson Saga Should Set a Precedent

So in case you’re totally unfamiliar with the situation, about a month or two ago two Alabama football players, Cam Robinson and Hootie Jones, were allegedly caught with illegal firearms and marijuana in a car. They were never charged as the local DA took the moral high ground and elected “not to ruin the lives of two young men who have work so hard.” Now those might not be the exact words, but you get the gist of it.

Fast forward to SEC media day and it is quite a topic. One of the two players was Cam Robinson, who will be a starting offensive lineman for the Crimson Tide this coming season. Just as he received no legal punishment, he will most likely receive no suspension either and will play in the opening game against USC this fall. Now I am fully on board with this outcome, maybe some slight bias due to me being a student there, but some people are not so happy. Here is Paul Finebaum and Nick Saban getting into a debate about the situation. The whole video is worthwhile to watch if you want to learn more about the situation and decision, but if you’re just looking for the back and forth skip to 1:10.


Nick Saban would do anything to protect his football team and players. About 99% of the country hates Saban, but being an Alabama fan I absolutely love him. (I don’t get mad about people hating Saban because I totally understand and have the exact same feelings towards Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer). I think that everything he said was so spot on. If you didn’t watch the full video, go back and do so because now those thoughts that he has on the situation are going to be the same as mine.

He brings up a ton of good points regarding the arrest and disciplinary action that the players faced. Also, he even said himself that the decision to suspend the players or not hasn’t been made yet. Pending continued good behavior and community service they will not be suspended. So there is still a chance that they get some punishment if they mess up again. Which is totally fair. I think the real problem here is people like Paul Finebaum.

People like him are so quick to slit somebodies throat the second they make a mistake. It feels like there are no second chances in life anymore. Oh you’re a football player with real promise of doing something big and making a living for yourself? I would say great, but you had some weed on you that one day so were going to strip you of that chance entirely. All your doing is adding to the problem.

Cam Robinson, a starter for the best football team in the country, has a very legitimate chance to go into the NFL, make good money, and leave the street life behind. Isn’t there like some huge deal about trying to get people off of the streets? Well here is his chance to do it, but some people want to just throw him right back into them because he made one mistake. Its like people don’t even care that he is learning from it. The players did a police ride along and are doing community service that includes mentoring young kids who have gotten into similar trouble. They are literally becoming a solution to the problem, so I don’t think it fair to end a career over it.

I really do hope that he receives no suspension. Obviously I want him to play in the first game, but beyond that I think it will help set a precedent that allows for people to make up for their mistakes. Just because they’re successful at something doesn’t mean that they’re not real people too who mess up sometimes just like the rest of us. Oh and All Hail Lord Saban.


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