Does Anybody Realize That We’re About to Go to War With Russia?

So I know it’s not exactly sports, but I just found this out and can’t believe that it isn’t bigger news. It happened a couple of days ago and I just heard about it now through some dumb Facebook video (I did fact checking to make sure it was legit.) But we’re totally about to go to war with Russia.

I think it has gotten lost in the dust of the happier topic that is Pokemon Go or something because I honestly don’t know why it isn’t all over right now. But the most recent NATO summit has had huge implications.

“At a NATO summit in Warsaw, Poland last Friday, the military alliance formally agreed to deploy four battalions with a total of 3,000 to 4,000 troops to the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and Poland on a rotational basis.

The move is designed to reassure those countries — all of which are former Soviet states or satellite states with sizeable pro-Russian minorities — that are concerned that Russia could be looking to increase its influence and territorial reach abroad.”

 – via CNBC 

Here is the link to the rest of this article:

Uhhhh so just some key words here: Military Alliance, Deploy, Troops, Russia, FOUR BATTALIONS

And if you didn’t read the article, here is what is happening. At the most recent NATO meeting, leaders from around the world decided they were sick of Russia trying to stake its claim on Eastern Europe. Hmmm wow thats some Deja Vu right there. But none the less it is happening again because I guess people don’t learn from history? So Russia is out there in its own little world of Eastern Europe putting troops on the border and supplying the pro-Russians of these European countries with all of the guns and ammo that they need.

This has been going on for a while, but it has just kind of been washed over until now. Well we finally stepped up and said enough is enough. NATO troops (like 80-90% US troops) will be deployed to Eastern Europe to form a sort of human wall. Actually, I saw somebody refer to it as a trip mine and that sums it up perfectly. So basically there is this human wall of people, and the premise is that these soldiers are here, if Russia crosses this line and attacks our soldiers they are effectively attacking NATO. And the NATO guidelines strictly express that an attack on one country is an attack on the alliance as a whole.

In even easier terms, you cross this line it’s World War 3.

rocky hit ivan drago

^^^How Russia must be feeling right now

At first I hated this move. If history has shown us anything about the US and wars it is that we should stay out of them until attacked. World War 1 we waited until there was multiple events that put US citizens in danger (Zimmerman Telegraph) or were killed (Lusitania.) In World War 2, Pearl Harbor sparked a nation to respond. And then in Vietnam we tried to get aggressive and attacked before there was any direct reason for us to. I think the outcome of those wars speaks for itself. When it comes to the US, we need something devastating to unite us for a war. Otherwise it ends up like Vietnam with protests and low morale soldiers. And there was never an easier time for protests in this country than right now.

So I say to myself, “Wow I guess we aren’t learning from history either.” But then as I kept thinking I remembered something actually useful in all of those years of high school. If I am correct I remember hearing about some letter that Adolf Hitler wrote that was discovered after World War 2. The letter stated that had the Allies stepped up to him when he was first starting to spread his countries borders, he would have conceded to them and stopped. However, they didn’t and continued to let him grow in power and gain strength. And by the time people actually stepped up to him he was strong enough to fight back.

So now we are stepping up early, but Russia is already a pretty powerful country so they may just indeed fight back. Once those troops get there, the ball is entirely in Russia’s court. Will they back down? Or will my fall semester be replaced with boot camp and the front lines of World War 3?



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