Giancarlo Stanton Hit 61 Home Runs at the Derby; This is How He Did it

Ah, the MLB All-Star days; where the best hitters hit lobbed pitches as far as they can and the best players give 80% effort in a game that has a ton of importance. Out of this year’s all-star performances, all lights were on Giancarlo Stanton of the Marlins. Giancarlo knocked 61 balls out of the park over the course of the Home Run Derby this year. An impressive showing to say the least. Now people will begin to speculate about how he dominated the competition including last years defending champ Todd Frazier of the White Sox. They may point to steroids, but his slow start to the beginning of the 2016 season would say otherwise. Maybe they’ll point to how Petco Park is one of the easier parks to put the ball over the fence. There’s plenty of things that fans and analysts will speculate. But they’ll all get the answer wrong. bracket

Here at Top Cheddar Sports we think outside the box, we take everything into account while analyzing an amazing athletic performance or vice versa. What the player was wearing that day, what they did the night before, who they’ve been hanging out with, what have they been eating, the list is extensive. And I’ve narrowed down Giancarlo’s amazing performance to one reason; the name change of 2012. It’s been four years now since Giancarlo made this career changing decision and in my opinion it slides under the radar too often.


Mike Stanton is the name of a middle aged gym teacher, the type that has all the kids call him “Coach Stanton.” Actually I’m pretty sure my neighbor is named Mike Stanton and he’s 30 pounds overweight and does his yard work without a shirt on. Or I might have him confused with the 14 year old neighborhood bully who steals people’s bikes. Anyways, I can tell you right now when I hear that name I don’t see an MLB slugger. And clearly neither did Stanton. That’s why changing his name to “Giancarlo” was the best thing he could do for his career. He heard that name come thundering out of the loud speaker before he went up for his first at bat and it invigorated him. Giving him the strength and stamina of all the greatest players combined. He walked up to the plate, stared down the pitcher and would mutter to himself before every swing “my name is Giancarlo Stanton, you killed Mike, prepare to die.” That’s the science behind it, and that’s what put’s Top Cheddar above the rest. We know what makes athletes play well, we know what makes them tick. Had it been Mike Stanton who entered his first Home Run Derby, he would’ve been eliminated first round. Giancarlo Stanton on the other hand, set records.



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