Leonard Fournette is Pulling a Van Wilder

Leonard, college is not free, it’s actually quite the opposite. It may feel free when you have the ability to run with the speed and power of three and a half pure bred stallions. But for the rest of us who aren’t 230 pounds of muscle and can’t run a 40 in under 4.5 seconds, college is very expensive. If you love it so much Leonard why don’t you just marry it.


Calling it now, if Fournette doesn’t go pro after this next college season I’m convinced that he’ll turn into Van Wilder. You know, the ok, sometimes sub-par comedies where the main dude is on his like eighth year of college? Yeah that will be Leonard. Spending the rest of his glory days hanging around LSU.

And I really don’t blame him. He probably runs the place right now. He can go to any party he wants, he can get any girl he wants, his food is paid for, his clothes are probably washed for him, his assignments are probably done for him, and like he said, it’s all free for him. Wow, give me a second to calm this newly acquired jealous rage. jealousRage

Fournette calling college free is a real slap in the face to college students neck deep in debt all over the country. But him not wanting to go pro as soon as he can is as big of a slap to football fans across the nation. Playing more years in college when he could leave and be the number 1 draft pick next NFL draft is ridiculous. Putting his body through an un-needed college season is defined as danger. Go ahead open up the dictionary flip to the “D,” find danger and it’ll be defined as “risking your body that could make you millions of dollars to play a season of football for free.” You could also flip to “S” find “stupidity” and it will say “refer to danger.” So, Leonard, I know you’re having a blast in college, but you’re a fool if you don’t go pro as early as you can. Yeah college may be “free” for you, but everything else in life will feel “free” when you have millions of dollars to throw around from your pro contract. So get some motivation to be the best that ever played in the league, stop pissing off struggling college students, be done with school and start making some real money; while playing with and against the best football players in the world.


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