Ex-Cardinals Scouting Director Sentenced to 46 Months in Prison for Using Real Life Cheat Codes

Today (Monday) a judge sentenced Chris Correa, an ex-St. Louis Cardinals scouting director, to 46 months in prison. Deadspin had a nice, short report on the story:

Correa, who was fired by the Cardinals in July 2015, pleaded guilty in January to five counts of unauthorized access of a computer. According to prosecutors, Correa used an old password of a former Cardinals employee, who took a job with the Astros, to log into Ground Control and download the Astros’ scouting reports, information on possible MLB draftees, and other notes.

Correa has also been assessed a fine of $279,038. Prosecutors valued the damage done to the Astros from his actions at $1.7 million.

Well, here’s the verdict of that baseball story you totally forgot about from a couple years ago. Guy get’s caught cheating, is sent to jail- yadda yadda yadda. Now I could get into the mumbo-jumbo of this case and what not, but we both know that’s not the interesting part of the story. The interesting part is that Chris used a REAL LIFE CHEAT CODE to make his team better. Seriously, this dude straight up decided to play ‘Be a GM’ in real life and used some hacks to make his team even better and honestly, I can’t fault him on it. Do you know how tempting that must have been for him? Having scouting reports and secret notes from another club right on your desk and not being allowed to take a peek? I’d lose my mind. Chris just wanted to make his team better and win the World Series, is that so bad? I try to do it in MLB 09′ all the time, he just does it with actual players and their careers. Power moves only behind the scenes with the Cardinals. And I bet the team wasn’t even that mad. Sure, they’ll act like they’re pissed, but you got a lot of other teams notes and learned some new things about players/draftees. I bet they knew the whole time and are simply throwing him under the bus. It’s just like in the ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie series; the IMF sends them on a mission, but if they get caught then the agency just let’s them hang. The courts should be more impressed that this man had the stones to cheat, and he’s not even a player! The dude seriouslly wants the Cards to be good, that’s worth something. Keep them codes coming Mr. Correa, maybe find a password that unlocks the Cubs going to the World Series.

P.S. Is there a cheat code that makes Cardinals fans respectable people? Asking for sports fans everywhere.

*Header from m.mlb.com


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