Melania Trump Plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s Speech might not Actually be a Bad Move

Get ready to enter the Spin Zone.

1.Now I could go a few ways with this, but the first one is the most obvious. Michelle Obama gave this speech back in 2008, yes? 8 years later and her husband is wrapping up his second term of being President. Ever heard the term, “history repeats itself?”

The Trumps are doing everything they can to win. Whether it be making fun of Jeb Bush’s location on the stage at a GOP debates, Marco Rubio’s ears, Lyin’ Ted, or Crooked Hillary. If that speech worked for the Obamas then who knows, maybe it’ll get Trump the percentage boost he needs in the polls.

2. You could also say this goes under his stance on immigration. “Close our borders! Immigrants plagiarize!”

Melania claims she wrote the speech herself, which again, isn’t a bad move. I never thought about how hard it would be to go to a foreign country, try learning their language, and then bam, get smacked with a speech or research paper. That’s not easy! I know English pretty well yet I still copy and paste stuff on papers/speeches and then use the synonyms tab. Give her a break. We’re freaking out because a girl who can barely speak English repeated a few of the same words as Michelle Obama.

As someone who has watched this campaign pretty closely since the debates began, this won’t matter in a week, maybe even a few days. Trump is going to ride this one out till the debates, keep nagging Hillary over the email scandal and call her “Crooked Hillary,” and from there it’s a mystery.

P.S. I realize this goes further than just Melania plagiarizing, it’s Trump’s campaign team too. But come on when we think about politics we think about who the best liar is. Clearly it isn’t Melania, and that’s why she is not running for President. This speech was just a couple of air quotes away from being a non-story.


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