Constantine Possibly Coming Back to the DC TV Universe (Updated)

Update (7/22): OK so not even 24 hours after posting this, one of the shows writers/executive producers tweeted this:


So this is a real kick to the nuts huh? It appears that the show coming back isn’t going to happen just yet, but Daniel didn’t say anything about JC NOT returning to the already existing DC shows. I’ll keep you updated.

Original Story: This has nothing to do with sports or politics, but this is a story I’ve been covering for over a year now and now I’m bringing the saga of the show ‘Constantine’ here.

So here’s a real fast rundown of what’s been going on with this show: ‘Constantine’ was a show on NBC based off of the DC Comics character. The main character, John Constantine, is a slimy British guy who messes around with magic and the dark arts. The show was awesome and gained a cult following behind it. Sadly, NBC gave it an awful time-slot on Friday nights (when people are out) and it wasn’t as big of a hit as they were hoping. The network cancelled it after a 13-episode first season and the story was left totally unresolved. There were a few petitions signed to bring it back, but NBC held firm because they’re dicks who cancel good shows I like!


Matt Ryan as John Constantine

Anyways, on this previous season of the DC show ‘Arrow’, who airs on the CW, the writers were able to bring Constantine the character to their universe and he was featured in an episode. This blew up speculation that the smaller network would revive the show and bring it back for a second season. Nothing ended up panning out at the time but now Bleeding-Cool got an exclusive scoop on some possible massive news for us ‘Constantine’ fans:

Matt Ryan could get a similar deal as the network tests the streaming audience of Constantine as well as his appearances on the network this upcoming season. The Vampire Diaries is ending after this season and the network wants to keep Fridays as their horror night, probably pairing a Constantine-led series with workhorse Supernatural, which gets decent ratings whatever time slot it is moved to. 

What does this mean? Well since the CW got the rights to stream all the episodes of the ‘Constantine’ show at the beginning of July, it shows that they have an interest in the show. Supposedly, if the show gets a lot of interest on it’s website, then they will announce that they are reviving it for a second season. And with San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, we could be hearing about something like this very soon.

Here’s where I need you guys to help me out though. Because the CW is apparently watching how much traffic these episodes get, it would be awesome if you checked it out. I’m not saying you need to watch every episode, but check out the pilot and see if you like it or not. And trust me, it’s a really good show. I’ll even put the trailer below and you can decide whether it’s worth your time (it is).



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