It’s the Year 2016, and I’m ALL IN on Virtual Reality

I just purchased my VR headset on Amazon a few weeks ago, and after playing around with it I can confidently say I think that it’s fascinating and can’t wait for more to come.

I bought the Tepoinn 3D VR Glasses off of Amazon for only $25(they are currently on sale for $19.99) and it was an “eye-opening” purchase.

Anyways, I downloaded a few apps. First a roller coaster simulator, which was pretty sweet. Then I found a horror app that has a bunch of random stuff pop out and scream in your face. I’ll be honest, I got so scared I took it off before the end(man card revoked). There’s a wide variety of apps, from soccer games where you point where you want to shoot by looking, and special apps where you can look up at the stars or pretend you’re in space.

The crazy part about it all is you can see 360 degrees. There’s stuff all around you, even above your head and down at your feet. It was the same on the roller coaster as well, so you could see the tracks you just passed or the seats behind you. Mind-blowing stuff.

I did a bit of research on VR headsets and had a revelation after watching this video.

First off, how crazy does that roller coaster look?

And now for my revelation. This is just the beginning of the future. When I see this, I think of Pokemon GO. Everyone is looks down at their phones walking around catching Pokemon. Soon we’re all going to have high tech headsets that will show us exactly what we see in the streets/sidewalks, but the sensors will be able to pick up our hands and they will insert Pokemon in front of us that we can “physically” catch through virtual reality.

The future is wild man. Virtual reality is going to be NUTS.



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