My Experience at Country Thunder

This past weekend, I decided to go (sneak in) to the Wisconsin-based Country Thunder for the first time. For the uneducated, CT is essentially a bunch of people camping and getting drunk the entire day, with a few of those people going to see a country singer/band. This is some of the things that happened during my first experience at this event:


On Saturday I drove up to Wisconsin and met my friend who may or may not write for the site. I hid in his car and we easily got through the gates. From there I found my campsite and got all set up. I threw my bags into their tent and went to go drink some pop, because I am under the age of 21 and alcohol is illegal for people below that age. So I drink, see friends, and all that jazz. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed that part of the day.

What I did not enjoy was the hours upon hours of goddamn rain we got that night. My friends and I had no car at our campsite so we had to sit in the tent that eventually started letting water in. I ended up lying in a puddle of water, with all of my belongings soaked, the entire night. And by all night I mean that I slept for about twenty minutes. #GritWeek. That was some shit. Oh and I was awoken by someone (who will remain anonymous) rubbing either their body or some girls against mine when I finally got a little sleep. Why? Because they couldn’t use my perfectly good tent or something to do that in. I don’t know. It was weird. But the next day came and it was time for…


Me and the love of my life


Sunday was a new day and it was time to forget about the rain. My campmates and I went to our friend Baby Jimmys house and showered, then it was time to get back into the swing things. With a dry pair of boxers and a not-soaking-wet shirt the day was already looking up. And things did keep going up, including the heat. Holy hell was it hot outside. Like ninety degrees with no wind and no AC hot. But that doesn’t stop Mizzou students so I had to push through like a hero.

In the afternoon me and Mike (the worst writer on this site) went and visited some other campsites. We’d pretty much rotate between our site and two others, going from one that was lit then to another when it started to die down and finish off back at our place to get some water and recharge. 

On one rotation, Mike and I saw a tag team going on in a truck. But not like a big truck, it was one of those with barely any backseat room and they were going at it. Like at one point the chicks arms shot up so things were probably going pretty good in there. Or it was bad. But hats off to them for giving no shits about people walking by. 

When night fell our friend Nathans campsite (shout-out to Nathan for those loud ass speakers and ope-bed truck) got a lot of people and everyone was having a great time. I puked. It was fun. I was also giving out hella drinks from my stash because that’s kinda my thing and it was awesome.

Then it was time to retire and end the night on a high note? What’s a high note you may say? Taking a chick back to the tent? Maybe having something to redden the eyes? Nope. The way my night  ended was having one of my camp members piss on me when he was blacked. Yep, I got peed on. Woke up, felt my blanket getting warm and threw it off me, then got my leg peed on. Thanks a lot dude. So I went outside, washed the pee off and decided to sleep in a car we brought. Well the persons car was locked and guess who had the keys? The guy who peed on my goddamn leg. Well, this guy is passed out and isn’t waking up anytime soon so I had to keep shaking him for around an hour before he woke up and opened the doors. I then passed out, woke up and decided I was never going to drink again (the next few days).

And that was my two days at Country Thunder. It was a good time but I must say, I don’t know if I would pay for it. Going for two days was definitely enough for me and I commend anyone who actually camped for four days. You’ve got balls my friends. Overall I’d give it a solid 7/10 because of the shitty weather. And pee. So goodbye CT, I’ll maybe see you next year.

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