The Oakland Raiders Punter Showed up to a Hotel in a Power Rangers Mask

Sometimes you’ve got to spice things up when you go to work. Dressing up in a suit or nice clothes can get soooooo boring and people get sick of it. That here is the case with Oakland Raiders punter Marquette Lewis who showed up to a hotel wearing a Green Power Rangers helmet. He posted the picture on Instagram.


Now I’n not EXACTLY sure what he means with ‘You kno* what we came here to do’ but I’m guessing it has to do with winning since the team of teenagers always come out on top. That or being corny, seeing as that the ‘Power Rangers’ shows are corny as hell. Either way I love it. This punter knows how to get someones attention. He knows that the Raiders are improving and should be pretty good this season so why not start wearing some PR masks to let everyone know that Oakland is here to defeat evil (other teams). Lewis just single-handedly got in every opponents head because NO ONE wants to fuck with the ‘Power Rangers’. Especially the green one, I’m pretty sure he’s the coolest one. The NFL should just give the Raiders the Lombardi trophy right now and pray that they don’t combine to form a giant robot or something.

P.S. He spelled ‘know’ wrong. Just saying.

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