People Need to Relax Over the Country Thunder Messes

There has been one post consistently popping up on my news feed by a new person with their take on the situation and the comments after it have fired me up to fight back at all of the haters.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.03.42 AM

You can check out the rest of the pictures here, but you get the idea.

I get the frustration, but I don’t know what you expect. We’re out there from Wednesday night to Monday morning. We have little to no access to showers, the amount of trash one campsite produces HEAVILY overwhelms the amount of garbage cans that are around, and Mother Nature made a bad situation way worse…

First, I’ll start off with the garbage can argument. I looked around when we got to Country Thunder and we had one garbage can between 4-5 campsites. We had four people at our campsite, our neighbors had roughly eight people crashing at theirs, and our other neighbors had around six. The group next to them had at least eight. Add that all up, and we’ve got 26 people sharing ONE garbage can. I’m not a math guy, but I don’t think those numbers add up. Add in the fact that the people driving garbage trucks won’t take a garbage bag that isn’t touching/on top of those garbage cans and it starts to make sense why there’s that much standing trash.

I watched a garbage man walk up and empty our garbage can, look right at the tied up garbage bag no more than five feet away from the can, and he left it. He looked right at it and left it there. That same garbage bag ended up ripping and getting trampled to the point where it was just a flat bag amidst a whole heap of trash… Sure it goes both ways, maybe I should’ve walked the bag all the way up to the can, but his shift isn’t going to be any longer if he walks an extra five steps to help clean up the place(which is his job).

But again, I get it. We should be cleaner. I was raised to clean up after myself and I could never leave my campsite in shambles with garbage everywhere. That’s why you fine the people who leave their campsites a mess and make them pay for it. That’s their fault for being lazy. Or… You have their credit card on record, suspend them and don’t let them camp again. It may not help since they may just have someone else use their card to pay for it, but that may stop a few people from coming, rather than not doing anything at all.

To defend the abandoned broken tents/canopies, that’s on Mother Nature. You really think there’d be that many of those broken canopies had there not been two severe thunderstorms, one being the day before the last day. It was a mess. The winds were so intense that tents were blowing multiple campsites over, those cheap $40 canopies aren’t going to withstand two intense storms… Here’s an idea, how about instead of one garbage can per 4-5 sites put in a couple of giant dumpsters on each side/corner of the lots. Those canopies in the pictures are next to porta potties or on top of garbage cans… Those would look a lot nicer in a dumpster… Am I crazy or does that make too much sense?

Can’t defend porta potties being tipped, lit on fire, or couches being burned. That’s just idiots being drunk and doing the first thing that comes to their brain.

I did some research, read through a few of the thousand Facebook shares this post got, and read about how people get paid to clean up after the event is over. One even saying they get paid $11/hr and they get to keep anything they find. It may be filthy for a few days, but it’s not only generating revenue, but it’s also giving people some jobs and giving them a chance to make money.

And like I just said, if this event wasn’t generating a ton of revenue for neighboring areas, they wouldn’t keep hosting it. Every year a post like this goes viral and the same rational people need to spell it out and explain why everything is the way it is. And if it’s really that big of a deal, stop hosting it. Or start enforcing rules and hold people accountable for their trash. It’s not rocket science.

P.S. To all the people saying this never happens at EDM Festivals, get out of here. You’re not camping out for five days, and to the few festivals that do camp, you’re either smoking, doing molly, shrooms, or acid… not drinking 30 beers in a day. There’s a difference.


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