Things Aren’t Bad, They’re Horrible: Olympic Swimmers Told to Keep Mouths Shut And A Full Body Found Floating

I feel like every time something comes out about the Rio Olympics I think that it can’t get worse. Like when body parts washed up on shore or when reporters tweeted pictures of open sewage lines just around. I think OK, it cannot possibly get worse than that. But then a couple days or weeks go by and something new comes out. Well the most recent development is probably the peak of this mountain (but not actually cause something will be worse.)

It has come out that Olympic officials have warned the swimmers for this year to keep their mouths shut about something. But why is that? It’s not because there is some secret they can’t tell us, it’s because they literally have to keep their mouths shut while swimming in their events. Apparently the water that the athletes will be using is so full of human waste, swallowing any of it could result in serious health risks. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They are literally swimming in a pile of shit. That is absolutely disgusting. The officials have said that the reasoning for just now saying that they have to keep their mouths shut is because, “the water is more contaminated than previously thought.”

Bring in this picture:

disgusting water

Oh really? You didn’t realize just how contaminated this water was? And yes this is a picture of where some Olympic events will actually take place.

Oh and remember a while back when some body parts washed up on shore literally feet from where the volleyball is going to be played? Well we have more bodies coming in every day.body floating

Here we have just your casual full body of a dead person wrapped in a garbage bag just hanging out. I mean ya I want to meet Olympic athletes too, but I don’t think that getting an organized crime ring to kill you and throw you in the water all Tony Soprano style is really the answer to that. Don’t worry he isn’t alone out there though:

severed arm

Here is some more nasty ass water and what would appear to be A SEVERED ARM. Like how in the hell did Chicago lose to this place to host the Olympics. Are they saying that Chicago is really worse than swimming in sewage and dead bodies/parts of bodies?

Soooo should we just call it now? No, it should have been called a while ago. It should have been called the second vast amounts of athletes dropped out due to the conditions and fear of Zika. That is reason enough, let alone the mounds and mounds and mounds of literal shit involved. At this point I think the only thing that will end this Olympics would be for the citizens to hold a coup and straight up take this place over. And honestly, with everything that has happened it really isn’t even that crazy of thing to think would happen. But seriously, this literal shit show needs to end now.


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