You’re not a True Pokémon GO Player Unless You get Pokémon GO Plus

Bumping into too many people playing Pokemon GO because you’re staring at your phone? Running low on battery so you have to put your phone away, but afraid that you’re about to walk past a CP 3000 Gyrados? Fear not! Nintendo has the solution for you!

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.37.02 AM

Coming in September, people will be able to purchase a $35 wristband that hooks up to your phone and allows you to play Pokemon GO everywhere you go!

How does it work? Well I’m not 100% sure either. but the website gives you an idea.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.54.11 AM

So it flashes and that means a Pokemon is near. You press the button and hope it flashes and vibrates to confirm you’ve caught the Pokemon? How do you know what you caught? I could be walking around the city and my wristband could be flashing like crazy, I’d catch all the Pokemon and when I get home I see that I have 50 new Rattatas… No thank you.

If you haven’t caught the Pokemon before you have to pull out your phone and catch it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.53.40 AM

This would actually be useful if you played Pokemon a lot. Back home in the Northwest burbs of Chicago there’s one PokeStop by my house, so running out of PokeBalls is common, but if it buzzes when you’re at a PokeStop does that mean you have to pull out your phone and then swipe to collect the items? What are you swiping/tapping?

I applaud Nintendo for this move. Now we know who the real try-hards are and who the casual Pokemon players are. I won’t feel guilty walking around looking at my phone when I hear someone yell, “Guys my wristband just lit up, a Pokemon is here!”

Looking back on my recent Pokemon adventures, I can definitely recall who would actually buy one of these things. The guy with his Ash Ketchum hat turned backwards… or the guy with the Pikachu plush toy sticking out of his drawstring bag.

“Revenge of the Nerds”… Coming to local parks and trails near you this September.


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