Free Le’Veon

As some of you may have heard, there are rumors swirling around the Pittsburgh Steelers’ star running back, Le’Veon Bell. The rumor is that he will receive a four game suspension due to missed drug tests, not test, plural tests. Bell claims that these are just accusations and that he promises he won’t miss anytime on the field this year. This is not Le’Veon’s first time in this position. He began last years season on the sideline due to cruising around with former Steeler, Legarrette Blount, and a bag of green, before the season started. Already the odds are not in Bell’s favor. It’s kind of like in high school when you knew damn well that you didn’t do the homework that was assigned and when it’s getting passed back you don’t get yours back. So you looked the teacher directly in the face and dropped a line like “I did it, I definitley turned it in, you must’ve lost it.” Le’Veon is looking directly at the NFL and saying “I didn’t miss a drug test, you must not have told me.” Now I don’t know the success rate of Le’Veon’s line but I do know that in high school, saying that to the teacher worked about 3/10 times. so you're telling me there's a chanceIf they were feeling generous.

If it does turn out that Bell is suspended for four games, again, it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. He’s never played a full season in the NFL. Whether it’s due to injury, breaking league policies, or both; he’s never played 16 games in the regular season. So maybe these four games will keep his legs out of harms way and when he returns, after having even more time to rehab his leg from the injury he sustained last season, he’ll be able to finish the season injury free, *knocks on wood*.snoop-dogg

Am I surprised that these rumors are swirling around? Swirling around Le’Veon Bell, who
was already caught for smoking, the guy who is now also a rapper, who has talked with Snoop Dogg about doing a collaboration?
Shocked would be an understatement. Le’Veon please lay off the extra curricular activities and focus on what’s going on the field, for all of us.



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