The Album of the Year has Already Come out

It’s the beginning of August and while there is still music coming out, we’ve already had some big releases. Chance, Drake, Kanye, Highly Suspect, and Schoolboy Q are a few off the top of my head that have released new things, but those are minor releases compared to one album that came out this year. A smaller group has already dropped the best music of 2016 and it may surprise you who they are.



Yes, you see that right, the new Lonely Island album is the best album of the year and don’t even try to argue with me. There is literally a song where Andy Sandberg pushes for crack to be legalized and it’s to a reggae beat. Nothing is beating that this year, or any year. I tried to play one of the songs from this through my computer speakers and my speakers melted immediately. The album is pure, unfiltered, fire and I’m not kidding. Dead serious. 100%. Listen to the whole thing and try to tell me it’s not great. You won’t be able to.

Top tracks:

  • Legalize It
  • I’m So Humble
  • Equal Rights
  • Finest Girl

I’m going to get hearing aids that only plays this album on repeat so I’ll never have to stop listening.

And after you listen to the album, go see their movie ‘Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping’, which will probably be the funniest 90 minutes of your life. It was for me.


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