This Olympian Spent 600,000 Yen on Pokemon Go in Rio

Sometimes on the long and winding road to catching them all in Pokemon Go you end up screwing around and dropping 600,000¥. (Source:

JAPANESE gymnast Kohei Uchimura experienced bill shock after being charged more than $AUD6000 for playing Pokemon Go during his stay in Rio de Janeiro in preparation for the Olympics. The world champion and five-time Olympic medalist, one of the country’s greatest hopes to win a gold medal in Brazil, admitted he received a $6,484 telephone bill for using data roaming after becoming addicted to the popular smartphone game, according to Japanese news agency Kyodo.

Can’t really blame your boy Kohei here can you? Pokemon don’t take days off so neither can you. Even if it is going to cost you 600,000¥. [Side note: 600,000¥ sounds like an insane amount of money. Tone it down @Japan.]

What really hurt Kohei’s chances of fighting the good fight, and nabbing himself $6,000 US dollars worth of Pokemon, is that the game isn’t available in Brazil.

Yeah, Pokemon Go can be played in 30 different countries so far, but Brazil is not yet part of that big 30. What I’m getting at here is that Kohei managed to rack up a $6,000 tab by running around looking for Pokemon that weren’t even there.

giphy (4)

There are two judgments we can make here:

  1. Kohei is the most dedicated trainer of all time.
  2. What an IDIOT

You can draw your own conclusion, but Ash Kohei did receive compensation from his service provider and has opted to pay a $38 per day data plan to continue playing the game that can’t be played in Rio (What?).

(He’s probably just going around hatching eggs, nerds.)

gif cred: giphy



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