Stranger Things Season 2 has been Verbally Confirmed

Reed Hastings, the dude who was charged $40 for a late fee on an Apollo 13 VHS tape by Blockbuster in 1997 that started Netflix (ever heard of it?), admitted that not commissioning a Season 2 of this Summer’s hit Stranger Things would be “dumb” via The Guardian:

Asked by the Guardian whether Netflix would commission another series, chief executive Reed Hastings stopped short of confirming a deal had been done, but said “we would be dumb not to”. (h/t- guardian)

With the amount of my precious time I’ve given to Netflix it’s not off base to say we’re friends. And if you factor in the amount of time I’ve been naked while watching Netflix maybe we’re a little bit more than friends, Reed!

Don’t let me down on this! It would be absolutely asinine not to bring Stranger Things back for another season.

In that article, Reed Hastings talks about how to get an approximation of what kind of viewing volume a Netflix original series gets you can check the IMDB popularity lists. Stranger Things is numero uno.

To translate that means a metric-fuckton of people are watching it

Now if you aren’t one of those people who has started watching it, if everyone is jumping off of a cliff it doesn’t mean you should jump off the cliff too. 

But you should jump off this god damn cliff.

Reed Hastings and the Duffer Brothers (directors/creators) need to get going on Season 2. Child actors don’t stay young forever, and jumping too far ahead during a series that thrives within the time and space of the 80s could throw production through a loop.

Hopefully it works out, and we can see what comes next down in the psychological abyss that is Stranger Things.


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