The NHL Unveiled the Oilers and Jets jerseys for the Upcoming Heritage Classic Game

Earlier today, the NHL unveiled the sweaters that the Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets will be wearing on October 23, when the two clubs face off in the 2016 Tom Hortons NHL Heritage Classic. And I must say, after looking at them, the Jets are going to DESTROY the Oilers. Just take a look at both teams new threads:


The young guys are wearing the jerseys that will be used in the upcoming game

The Oilers are going to wear their current alternates and the Jets get these sexy new throwback jerseys. This game won’t even be close because all of Edmonton is going to be staring at that beautiful Winnipeg crest and won’t remember how to skate. Every player’s jaw will be on the ice while the home team is getting some top cheddar. Seriously, take a closer look at these beasts:




I’m drooling right now. Love the old school look and color scheme they went with. Hopefully the die-hard fans in Winnipeg can enjoy this game and jerseys before they have to go back to reality and realize their team still sucks (but maybe not so much this year). Still, with sweaters like these, you can’t lose a hockey game. Prediction: Jets 10, Oilers 0.

The official NHL website has the specific detes on the inspiration for the jerseys as well as the lineup for the alumni game.

P.S. How Canadian is it that Tim Hortons is sponsoring the game?

*Header and first picture from // Other jersey pics from the Jets official website


2 Comments Add yours

  1. habsforum says:

    Love them! Very vintage looking. Though nothing beats the Habs white and Blackhawks black winter classic vintage ones!


    1. aidancarlsen says:

      The Habs white winter classic sweaters are one of my favorite jerseys around. Absolutely love them.


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