Football is Back! Just Kidding. Wrong Paint Pushes NFL Preseason Back One Week

Here I was excited that football is back and that we would have football every Sunday from tonight until February 11th, and now I’m sitting here getting hyped up for a game that isn’t going to be played.

The field is brand new according to David Baker, President of the Hall of Fame, and it passed all the tests this morning, but the paint at midfield and in the end zones congealed(word of the day) between the morning and night, they deemed the field unsafe and canceled the game.

For those who are like me and don’t know what congealed means, the paint at the 50 and end zones was about as hard as concrete. Probably not a surface you want your team playing on in the first game of the 2016/17 season.

I guess 6 months isn’t enough time to get a field ready for a football game. I know the field wasn’t set up until last night, but how do you let a mix up in paint like this happen? How do you even mix up paint in the first place? Is there more than one type of paint that you’re putting on a football field? I’m at a loss for words and so confused about this whole situation.

Spin zone as a Packers fan, Jordy Nelson has another week off. No game means no injuries.  Sucks I don’t get to see my boys tonight, but I get to see them all next week.

Go Pack Go. #FireGoodell


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